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Treatment Options for Herpes

When you see the painful blisters around your mouth, you begin to look for the treatment options for oral herpes. Oral herpes is a highly contagious viral infection. The notion that the sore is a part of the symptoms of sexually transmitted disease is what makes the illness embarrassing. Although this is not always true, the virus is associated with the genital herpes. If you want to get rid of the awkward situation at once, you have to learn the ways on how to manage your problem.

Over-the-Counter Drugs
For most people, they go for the over-the-counter drugs because of convenience. They come in the form of creams, ointments or lotions. The products work by reducing the itching and tingling sensation. It also works by getting into the virus to clear the infection in the fastest possible time. However, they work best if you use them even before the actual signs and symptoms of herpes occur.

Home Treatment
Aside from using the OTC drugs to reduce your pain and hasten the healing process, you can use home remedies for herpes to complement medication. At this point, you should pay attention to your diet. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals and drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juices to remove the toxins from your body. You must also keep your house clean and avoid sharing your personal things and eating utensils with others. This step will help prevent the spread of the virus to other parts of the body or to other people.

Alternative Herpes Remedies 2016

Alternative therapy is very popular for people who do not want to spend money with over-the-counter medication. Because many herbal products are effective and safe, more people are using them as treatment options for oral herpes. One of them is aloe vera. The extract is known to provide instant relief from the inflammation and itching. Apply the aloe vera in the site and this will shorten the duration of the infection.

Another miracle cure is the use of garlic. Garlic is popular for its anti-microbial properties. It is capable of penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin to get to the root of the problem. Lastly, you can use cold ice tea bags. This therapy works in two ways. First, the cold temperature reduces the tingling sensation and second, the tannin present in the tea is helpful in clearing the blisters.

The treatment options for oral herpes are intended to provide relief from the symptoms of the infection. But even without treatment, the blister heal on its own.

Recognizing Early Symptoms Of Herpes In Men

What are the common Symptoms Of Herpes In Men? Male herpes symptoms is greatly different among those infected by genital herpes, some signs of infection are obvious, some others are comparatively mild so that they might really unnoticed by the affected person. Men infected with herpes virus may unaware of their condition. Some reports concluded that approximately 11% of male population that are sexually active; they carry the virus with them and it is mostly HSV-2 virus. The primary outbreak of herpes include sores and blisters on genitals that usually takes 2 to 20 days after they are first exposed to the virus (mostly through sexual intercourse). Blisters will develop during first outbreak; however there are a lot of other common symptoms of herpes, particularly in men, that are often overlooked. Therefore, it is important to educate people about that.

The following are often ignored herpes symptoms that usually occur during an initial herpes outbreak: Irritation, burning, tingling sensations and itching on the genitals, thighs, groin, buttocks and or around·. Burning sensations or itching inside the urethra when urinating Flu-like symptoms that onset suddenly which include fever, chills, headaches, and fatigue Soreness and swelling in the lymph nodesMuscle aches and unexplained pains in the lower back and groin

Note that these symptoms above are not the only condition that causes genital herpes; therefore the only way to know whether the symptoms you are experiencing are the result of herpes virus or due to another health condition is to be examined by a doctor.Symptoms Of Herpes In Men that appear within a few days after sexual intercourse (mostly with a new partner) could be an indication of the immune system of recently infected person has attacked by HSV-2 virus. This virus starts embedding itself close to nerve clusters at the infection site. For those who previously have experienced sores and blisters outbreaks, these herpes symptoms turn out to be familiar as warnings of a new outbreak. Men who have never experienced sore and blisters outbreaks, these herpes symptoms might be their only sign of infection. If you (or someone you know) experience any of the symptoms discussed above, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible because herpes virus is extremely contagious, and increases the defenselessness of body to other STDs include HIV/AIDS. Effective treatments will significantly reduce the severity and the duration of outbreaks.

Symptoms of genital herpes in men will not only bring physical discomfort for those who suffer them, but also emotional issues. They may feel guilty and embarrassed and may think that their sex life is coming into an ending. For that reason, early detection and treatment of herpes virus infection is really important to the sufferers and also their loved ones. The herpes symptoms often are very innocuous; many people are spreading herpes to others and they never know it. Men should be aware of the herpes symptoms and the risk and also know what to take to prevent the spread of herpes. Most men do not want to deal with this lifelong and incurable infection; they usually deny that they have Symptoms Of Herpes In Men or they usually procrastinate going to the doctor.

Dating with Herpes In London And USA in 2017

Are you suffering from herpes in London? You are not alone in 2017! Do you know? UK is the second largest country has a huge number of singles with herpes, and the first is USA. Herpes is not the end of dating and sex life, many people are living a normal life with herpes in 2017 and seeking their partner in London. Why don`t you? Based on the report from Google, London is the city has the largest number of singles who try to start dating again in the world, while the second is NYC, US.

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Compared with USA, New York is the city has the largest number of people looking for an online herpes dating on Google. There are 1,729,230 times every month in all the country, but 68,804 times only in New York, at 4.0%.

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From the report of Public Health England, London has 7,150 new diagnosed herpes in 2011; 7,590 in 2012 and 7,473 in 2013, becomes the city has highest herpes infection rate in the UK.

Oral Herpes Transmission

Knowing the mechanism of oral herpes transmission is a must if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the viral infection. It is true that the virus is highly contagious and unless you do something to stop its spread, you are at risk in acquiring the illness. According to statistics, the virus causing oral herpes infects millions of people. It affects people of all ages including very young children. In fact, most Americans will suffer from the infection before they become adolescents.

What is oral herpes?

Oral herpes, fever blister and cold sores refer to the same infection. They are caused by two types of virus, the herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is the more common type and it is responsible for about 80% of the cases.

Oral Herpes Transmission

The transmission of the oral herpes virus is very easy. The organism moves from one individual to another through contaminated materials and contact with infected body fluids like the saliva. Kissing and sharing of eating utensils are the common ways by which another person acquires the infection. In children, they acquire the fever blister from their parents or guardians or by playing with infected toys. In adults, the virus can also be transmitted through sexual contact especially oral sex.


Three stages characterize the oral herpes. The first stage is called as the primary infection. This is when the virus infects the skin and mucous membrane and forms the blisters in the affected site. At this time, the virus replicates rapidly and fever develops. However, there are also individuals who remain asymptomatic during the early stages. But this does not mean that they are not capable of transmitting the infection. They can shed off the virus without them knowing it.

The next stage is the latency. The virus begins to move to a nerve and become inactive for an undefined period. It only “awakens” when the environment becomes conducive again for its activation.

The last stage is the recurrence. Here, the virus causes again the symptoms of herpes infection. For you, this is the second attack and reappearance of blisters. Stress, hormonal changes and immune depression are some of the causes of the stage 3 of oral herpes.